Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Open Wineries 9 & 10 May 2015

Wineries of Crete open their doors to wine-lovers at the 9th and 10 of May.

We give you 10 reasons to take a unique Cretan Winery tour!

TRAVEL through the countryside of Crete, and discover the vineyards and the olive groves
TRY the variety of the Cretan Wines
DISCUSS about the 11 indigenous varieties and the vinification process with the wine producers
SEARCH the experimental vinification processes of each winemaker
MEET the Cretan Winemakers and get to know the person beneath the label and the philosophy
DISCOVER the production area and how modern technology can be combined with such a great history in vinification
ASK FOR ADVICES about the Cretan Wines
GET bottled Cretan wines, in producer prices, with total guarantee of quality services.
TASTE the Cretan gastronomy with the cooperative traditional taverns
ENJOY a great spring weekend in Crete
Download HERE the informative leaflet with the 7 wine roads in Crete!

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